Looking for Memoirists, Creative Non-Fiction Writers, and Artists to Feature Here on Words and Pictures

Looking for Memoirists, Creative Non-Fiction Writers, and Artists to Feature Here on Words and Pictures

Hello bloggers, writers and artists!

I am interested in getting to know your work and your creative process! I’m looking for memoirists, creative non-fiction writers, bloggers, and artists to feature here on my blog Words and Pictures. I repost my reviews on your amazon page and repost blog articles  on wattpadfacebook, and twitter.

I’m interested in reading / reviewing your work and an collaborating on an interview. My interviews  go beyond  traditional Q & A formats and are inspired by the artists and spirit of their process. Please check out other featured writers:

Alexia Montibon-Larsson This is a standard question and answer interview combined with  photographs and family artifacts that inspired  Montibon-Larsson’s beautiful retelling of her mother’s experineces in WWII Japan (Forged in Fire: Stories of Wartime Japan).

Mary L. Tabor This article is structured around the recipes Tabor includes in her memoir.  This piece is a companion piece to the book review of Tabor’s beautifully crafted memoir (Re)Making Love.

If you’d like to be considered for a feature here on Words and Pictures, you can leave a comment or email me at rosegluckwrites@gmail.com.





7 thoughts on “Looking for Memoirists, Creative Non-Fiction Writers, and Artists to Feature Here on Words and Pictures

  1. Hello Rose:

    Thank you for your invitation to send you information about memoirs. I recently published a book entitled, Rabbit Lane: Memoir of a Country Road. The book is available on Amazon as a black-and-white print book and as a full-color Kindle download.

    Rabbit Lane tells the story of a humble country dirt road, of its human history, of its natural beauty, and of its ability to bring insight, understanding, happiness, and even healing to those who mindfully walk it. The book contains stories and poems, songs and photographs, musings and observations about life and nature, that I hope will amuse and inspire. Rabbit Lane helps us to slow down and pay attention to the beauty around us and within us. The book also relates aspects of my life story as I walked on Rabbit Lane and raised my family nearby for 15 years.

    I serialized the memoir on my Rabbit Lane blog in 2014-15, then published the book on Amazon just this month. The blog contains many more poems and songs than the book could contain. The poems in the book relate more directly to Rabbit Lane, while the blog poems cover a wider range of experience.

    Thanks for the invitation.

    Roger Baker
    Tooele, Utah


    1. Hi Roger,

      That sounds great I have read some of Rabbit Lane and I really loved it. From what I read it captured the solace and healing that come from nature and mindfulness. I would love to talk more with you about a project. I am working on three other articles right now and would like to read all of Rabbit Lane so I can talk about interview ideas with you. I always do a review and then an interactive interview. I think we have a lot of great possibilities for an interactive interview. Perhaps a video of photographs with voice over audio clips. or a sketch of the property. I’m sure you and I will come up with ideas as we work together. Can you email me at rosegluckwriter@gmail.com and I’m thinking that I can get started reading all of Rabbit Lane sometime late December.

      Thank you!
      Donna (aka Rose)

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  2. Hey Rose,

    I am interested in this. I usually write short-stories which are like memoirs. Please checkout ‘Daami’, ‘Yer BLues’, and ‘A walk down the memory lane’ in my blog.


    Hope you enjoy them.



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