Author’s Bio (Donna Barrow-Green)

I write fiction, memoir, and plays. My novel, Exuberance Is Beauty is a Featured Story on wattpad.com. Exuberance Is Beauty is a work of literary and historical fiction. The story is set in Portland, Oregon in the 1940s. It is the first in a series of five novels chronicling one family’s indulgent and dysfunctional life; the the result of early domestic violence and trauma. In addition to the five book series, I’ve authored two other novels and a memoir. All of my writing can be found under my pen name, Rose Gluck on wattpad and Amazon. In addition to writing fiction, I am also a playwright. Two of my plays were selected for staged readings by play writing competitions in Oregon. Love Is Enough, a full-length play was The Portland Civic Theater Guild’s 2014 Fertile Ground Festival selection. A scene from my full-length play, If There Are Any Heavens was chosen by the the Hillsboro Artist Repertory Theater’s Promising Playwright’s Competition. I hold a masters degree in education and am a doctoral candidate in educational leadership. I am a qualitative researcher and teach college courses in psychology, special education, and infant mental health. My current research is with parents of  young children with autism.



What Remains Inside (2012)
If There Are Any Heavens (2012)
Exuberance Is Beauty (2015)
Atropa Belladonna (2015)
Marvelous Error (2016)
Alchemy (2016)
Intentional Fallacy (2016)
Peaks Island (2016)

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If There Are Any Heavens -Full Length (2014)
Love Is Enough – Full Length (2014)
Fortune Cookies – One Act (2013)
The Retroflector, – One Act (1999)
This Evening Spent – One Act (1998)
Destiny, The Game Show – One Act (1998)
Bicycle Built for Two – One Act (1998)