Been Out of Touch – Upcoming Projects here on Words and Pictures

Been Out of Touch – Upcoming Projects here on Words and Pictures

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here on Words and Pictures. I’ve been pretty busy on several projects but am finally back here on my blog to share stories of everyday lives. I am in the final stretch of my dissertation so I’ve been very focused on that. My work -as you might have guessed-centers on lives and lived experiences. In the case of my research study I’m talking with mothers of young children with autism. I am excited to help make their voices heard and am indebted to these amazing moms for sharing their stories with me. I’ve also been working on two other projects. I’ve been “behind the scenes” interviewing a group on flea market vendors. I am putting together a blog dedicated to these folks who hunt for antiques and collectibles and then set up tables at flea markets. Here is a clip of my friend Nydia telling me about a 1950s doll she’s got for sale. I found a very creepy 1950s commercial for the ‘Little Miss Echo.”.

As with all my writing and work -from interviewing memoirists to digging up estate sale treasures- I’m obsessed with stories of everyday lives. Here is an example:this set of 1950s wedding photo I found while working on the flea market stories. Don’t these beautiful wedding pictures beg questions about this couple’s future , a life that kept moving through time for decades after this image was shot?



Two New Projects

Now that I have a little more time I am turning my attention to two new projects that I’m very excited about.


The first is a book review and interview with author Roger Baker. His memoir, Rabbit Lane:  Memoir of a Country Road was recently published and is available in paperback and kindle edition at Amazon. Rabbit Lane is a memoir of a place, almost sacred. Baker shares his life reflections and love for natural beauty. I am looking forward to working with Roger to create an article about his book using photographs, his poetry, and memories. You can find his blog here.

My second big project is a serial fiction podcast. I will be collaborating with Portland actor and performance artist, Beth Ricketson, on bringing my neo-noir 1950s psychological thriller, The Diarist, to life in weekly installments. Here is an outtake from our first rehearsal…still trying to figure out technical stuff but already having lots of fun!!!

I’ll be sure to post the first audio here with information on where to find the podcast on iTunes. Beth Ricketson is a talented actress and had a leading role in a staged reading of my play If There Are Any Heavens (2015, Hipbone Studios). Here she is as “Carmen Tenino” a sweet (albeit gossipy) neighbor in  1940s Portland Oregon (dark shorter hair, on the right — more publicity pics of If There Are Any Heavens.)


You can start reading the Diarist for free on wattpad.

Stay tuned. I’m very excited to be back to blogging!

Oh did I mention the our new puppy Nica that’s keeping me very busy?


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